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March 12, 2016

It was a great day in Pittsburgh for the 2016 St. Patrick's Day parade! Over 100,000 spectators came out to celebrate their celtic pride.  Photo locations include Grant Street, Blvd of the Allies, Stanwix Street, and Market Square for the Irish Fair in the Square. 


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Athens and Santorini, Greece Recent trip to Athens and Santoini, Greece.  Locations include: Central Athens and Acropolis in Athens, Oia and Thera in Santorini, Volcanic crater on Nea Kameni, and Thirasia Island.

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Smiley Newborn Noah

First, I have to comment on what a pleasure it is to photograph a newborn who was smiling so much for a part of his session!  Noah was the first newborn I photographed who naturally smiled in his sleep.  I could not help but smile too watching him, and he even had his parents laughing.  Perfect timing Noah!

Noah was a little over two weeks old when he came in for his shoot, and he was such a cute little one.  Because he was a little older than the under the 14 days age for a typical newborn shoot, we knew he would not stay asleep for the entire session so would have to move quickly.  However, Noah fell asleep fairly fast and although he woke up between the middle to end of the shoot, he was still pretty tired which helped to put him in different positions.  In fact, him being awake helped to get some adorable yawning shots in his "Born to Be a Pirates Fan" t-shirt.  And being that his parents are both huge Pirates fans, he really is born to be a fan.  His first Pittsburgh Pirates season will be here soon!

Welcome Noah, and I wish you and your family all the best.

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Wonderful Family of Little Helpers

I must say meeting this adorable family was really a pleasure.  The mother originally called me to photograph her 4 month old daughter but also to capture family photos of all three children together.  When the family arrived for their session, I asked her sons if they would like to help with the shoot. My intention was to help keep them occupied so they would not be quickly bored with standing behind the camera.  Immediately, they said yes and were anxious to help.  They really wanted to be a part of the shoot and were excited when I shared my ideas about different scenes to set up.  They even chimed in offering ideas of their own!   I could not have asked for more helpful or pleasant children so this is a thanks to them.  I wish this family all the best. 

Hope you enjoy the photos. 

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Lauren's Senior Session





Can you remember your senior days?  Shooting Lauren's senior session brought back some memories.  Lauren is part of the class of 2015 and will be heading off to college next fall.  We shot her senior session on a beautiful fall day in Pittsburgh's Highland Park. As part of the pre-shoot consultation, I talked to her and her mother about some of Lauren's interests.  Since she plays soccer for her high school and is very involved with the sport, we decided to incorporate this in her session.   I photographed her as she kicked the ball around and performed dribbling tricks.  We photographed by the park entrance water fountain, along different pathways and trees, and on the stairwell leading to the reservoir.  Her yearbook photo (last photo shown) was taken in my studio prior to her outside session.  Lauren did an amazing job, and it was great to spending a morning with her talking and shooting. 

Best of Luck to Lauren and the rest of the Class of 2015!


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Fun Family Session

I love it when a family likes nontraditional portraits.  It’s great to let kids run around and be themselves and capture how the family interacts.  This photo session took place in the client’s home, and from the moment I walked in their house, I was able to get a good sense of the whimsical nature of the couple.  There was a large picture hanging of their son Chase with his hair sticking straight up and a smile on his face.  Seeing it framed on the wall immediately told me this family liked to have fun and laugh and not just keep to traditional boundaries of standard portraiture.  We started the session in their front lawn by doing some family photos and even incorporated Chase’s grandfather. But as every young boy, he was still for several frames but wanted to burst out and play.  Rather than try to get him to sit, we just went with it and let him run and play and brought him into the pictures using my standard repertoire of toys.  In playing, we got him to sit to get some great outdoor photos.   Afterwards, we headed indoor on the couch and the family sat together just being themselves.  They really made me laugh and everyone was really sweet.   I had a great time and it was a pleasure to be with this family that fall morning.


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Sweet Sisters  

Sisters Giorgia and Beatrice were visiting Pittsburgh from their hometown of Rome, Italy.  Giorgia and Bea are incredibly happy and sweet sisters, and you can easily see the strong bond they share.  We did the photo session one evening during the late summer at the Phipps Garden Center.  We had a great time and I look forward to seeing these two girls again! 

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A Day in London I had the opportunity to spend a day walking around London enjoying the sights with my camera in hand.  Check out below to see what I came across that day. 

Mixed reflections through a window of hotel staff changing the sheets and the outside stairwell.


Sites include Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, Royal Botanical Gardens, Waterloo Bridge, Victoria Train Station, and a carousel in the South Bank

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Jovial Giulia

Giulia is such a playful and cheerful child and like most children, you have to make the session appear as playtime.  Giulia sat for the first couple of shots posing easily for the camera.  However, after only a few short frames, she wanted to be her jovial, fun-loving self and run around and play.  Rather than attempting to get her to do anything in particular, I tried to entertain her in certain areas of the Phipps Garden Center in Mellon Park that I knew would make nice backgrounds.  I then simply let her be her silly and utterly adorable self while I photographed her playing.  In the end, I think her personality really shined through in this session.    

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Beautifully Boudoir

This session has a limited viewing but from what you can see, I hope you can tell that this shoot went amazing.  The client did such an excellent job.  Since I prefer not to discuss the details of this shoot, I want to take the time to reach out to the viewers about boudoir photography in general.  I know many women and men out there may be initimated or nervous to try it, but there is really nothing to feel uncomfortable about.  Boudoir can be what you want it to be, and it can make a great gift for a significant other or just to have for yourself. Boudoir is open to females, males, and even couples.  If you are interested to learn more about it, feel free to contact me at .
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Adelaide's Adorable Newborn Session

When Adelaide was two weeks old, she came in for her newborn session.  This was the first child for the mother and father, and you can easily see they were filled with excitement.  Adelaide was calm and peaceful from the time she came in till the time the session was over.  To start, the mother nursed Adelaide and we waited till she fell asleep.  We photographed on three different backdrops, including a homemade knit blanket the parents received as a gift.   Adelaide did a great job and slept through the entire session, only waking up slightly towards the beginning.   She was simply a joy to photograph!

Congratulations to the new parents and happy birthday to baby Adelaide!


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Garrett's Precious Newborn Session

I was lucky to get the opportunity to photograph Garrett's precious newborn session.  Garrett was two weeks old when he came in for his shoot.  We photographed on three different backgrounds, including a homemade knit blanket that the parents brought in.  Garrett was sound asleep so we were able to end the session with some family potraits.  Congratulations to the new parents!  Garrett is simply adorable.  I wish you all the best. 

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All Smiles for Gia as She Turns One

It was all smiles with Gia when we did her one year old birthday shoot.  She was very happy and playful so getting her to laugh was a pleasure.  We started off outside Phipps Conservatory to capture her with the beautiful floral backgrounds.  Gia was just learning to stand so we used a small chair prop to provide her balance.   We shot at a few locations around the conservatory, added in a family photo, then headed to the studio for a few more photos.  At the end of the session, we brought out a cake for her to smash.  Once Gia got a taste of it, she just went for it!  It was quite adorable to watch, and she did a great job.

Happy 1st Birthday Gia!


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Mandi’s Studio to Sunset Pregnancy Shoot



We had a great photography session with Mandi and her husband Jason.  The shoot started off indoor with studio style portraits of Mandi, and then we added Jason to capture the expecting couple together.   We played around with different props and even had some fun throwing around tulle on the black background to see what we could catch for artistic effects.  Afterwards, we headed to their backyard to take in the beautiful scenery and capture the couple in front of the glowing sunset.  I had a great time playing with lens flare to get the glowly effects of the sun shining around them.   I could not be happier with how the session turned out! 

Congratulations to Mandi and Jason, and I hope the photos captured some wonderful memories of Mandi’s pregnancy.

Stay tuned for the newborn photos soon to come! 


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Sabrina's High School Senior Session Class of 2014

































Senior portrait season marks an exiting time for incoming high school seniors as they prepare for their last year of high school and get ready for the next chapter of their lives.  For me as a photographer, it is also a great part of the year because I look forward to learning about the students and creating photo sessions unique to them based on their personality, interests and high school activities.  

The session above features Sabrina, a talented musician and artist.  For her shoot, we incorporated several instruments she plays including the piano, guitar, and violin.  I decided to capture Sabrina playing each instrument as well as being posed along side them.  We shot in several locations in Robinson Township, PA, including by the Penn Center West Waterfall.  Sabrina was always elegantly poised and a joy to shoot.  The photos came out just as I had hoped and reflect her beauty inside and out.

I wish Sabrina the best of luck in her senior year and in her future endeavors!

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Richelle's Radiant Maternity Session Below are photos from a lovely maternity session with Richelle and her husband Joe. 

Richelle and Joe are an adorable couple, and I am happy for them as they expect their first child.  Richelle was simply radiant the day of her shoot making it easy to see her "maternity glow".  You could feel their excitement knowing they will soon welcome their baby girl into this world. Richelle was a natural behind the camera and seeing her together with Joe was a joy for me, because you could feel the love and comfort between them.  In fact, many of the shots came from them just being themselves without the need for my direction. 

For this photo session, we shot in two locations: the studio and Phipps Garden Center.  We incorporated a variety of props which matched both of their fun and humorous personalities.  At the end of the shoot, I told the Richelle and Joe that they were welcome to write on the board whatever they wanted and offered some suggestions such as the due date or "It's a Girl".  However, Richelle and Joe came up with their own personal messages which were both written toward their soon to come family addition.  I found it to be such an adorable and touching moment. 

Congratulations to Richelle and Joe! I have no doubt they will make great parents. 

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic The following are photographs from a recent trip to Bávaro, Punta Cana, the easternmost province in the Dominican Republic.  After viewing the photos in this blog, I hope you can get a sense  of the daily life, landscape, and agriculture in the Dominican Republic. 

Bávaro, Punta Cana

Macao Beach

A typical house in the Dominican Republic.  Most homes are very colorful on the outside. 

Clothes are hung to dry in front of the home.

People are often found outside their home socializing, resting, or doing daily work.

An elderly woman looking outside of her window. 

A man riding on top on a truck.

A child getting her hair done with other women and children outside a home.

Fruit stand on the side of the road.

Inside of the school "Escuela B. La Gina Del Isleno".  The children were in summer school and normally wear uniforms during the school year. 

The children loved to be photographed, and the girl grabbed the young boy for a photograph on my way out. 

Snapshot of the blackboard

A young girl walked by the school and looked inside. At the same time, the teacher looked outside the door. 


Iguanas are especially attracted to yellow flowers. 

Tobacco leaves being cut for cigars.

Cigar in the making.  The casing is being rolled with the tobacco inside. 

The finished product!

Example of homes of the original tribes in the Dominican Republic prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492.  The Dominican Republic was the first European settlement in the Americas.  

A boy carving stone sculptures for sale. 

My stone sculpture souvenir! -  A Pittsburgh Pirates baseball. 

Another souvenir!  A bottle of Mama Juana. The drink is made with rum, red wine, and honey in a bottle with herbs and tree bark.

Part of the kitchen inside a home

Other side of the kitchen 

The cooking is done in a separate hut from the living quarters in order to keep the smoke and smell out.  

Children's bedroom

Coffee plant

Coffee bean after picked from a plant and processed

A boy relaxing on his parent's farm where they grow coffee beans, cocoa beans, and other plants.  These products are grown on local farms and sold in large quantities to companies who further manufacture and package products for sale. 

There are plenty of horses grazing in the countryside. 

However, mules are used more for labor than horses. 

Countryside shortly before a brief spout of rain came. Banana plant.  When bottom flower falls, the bananas are ripe. 

Pineapple plant Birds of Paradise plant

Red variegated tropical plant


The experience in the Dominican Republic was unforgettable, and I am thrilled I had the opportunity to visit there!

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Jeremy & Genise: A Fun-Loving Engagement Shoot

Jeremy and Genise are two fun-loving, kind-hearted and amazing personal friends.  Being around them is always a blast and they never fail to make me laugh, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to be a part of their engagement shoot.    I have known Jeremy and Genise from the time they first met each other and have seen their relationship grow into what it is today.  I am extremely happy for the both of them and wish them the best of luck. 

For their engagement shoot, we went to several locations: PPG Place in Downtown Pittsburgh, Roberto Clemente Bridge, Heritage Trail, and the Phipps Garden Center.  We aimed to capture both urban landscapes with the background of downtown Pittsburgh as well as scenic nature photos in the Phipps Garden Center.  Since I had known Jeremy and Genise previously, the shoot went seamlessly and took no time at all to make the couple feel comfortable.  We laughed, joked, and enjoyed the morning of shooting and hanging out. 

Congratulations to Jeremy and Genise!

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15th Annual Bluegrass Benefit Concert Video 15th Annual Bluegrass Benefit Concert for St. Joseph House of Hospitality, a program by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pittsburgh which provides housing and support services to elderly and homeless men and women. 

Concert Featuring: Fern Hollow, Mac Martin and the Dixie Travelers, Allegheny Drifters, Mountain Therapy, and Mon River Ramblers

MC: Bruce Mountjoy, 91.3 FM WYEP

Location: Synod Hall, 125 N. Craig St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Date: April 26, 2013

Click here for YouTube link. 


Hope to see you there next year!


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Six Month Old Baby Milestones

Six month old baby photography sessions highlight several important milestones in a child’s development, including a baby’s ability to sit up and be engaged with the world around them.  A baby by six months will know how to respond with smiles and laughs and even have their own unique expressions.  For Baby Meredith’s six month old milestone shoot, we headed to the beautiful location of Phipps Conservatory Garden Center.  The peacefulness and serenity of the park can make anyone forget they are in the middle of Pittsburgh’s city streets.  My goal for the shoot was not only to capture Meredith’s milestones but to make the mother part of the session. Capturing a parent's interaction with their child and watching how they make their child laugh is always a warm, unbeatable moment. It was quite easy to see how comfortable and content Baby Meredith was when in her mother's arms.  When photographing Meredith alone, we pulled out our tricks and toys to make her laugh, but the moment she was in her mother's arms, she would immediately smile. All I had to to was point the camera and shoot and Baby Meredith just looked back full of joy.  Being a part of those moments and capturing this mother-daughter interaction was very touching and made the shoot all that much more fun. 

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